As some of you might have noticed, we had a brief period of downtime today due to upgrading our server, so I wanted to post a quick update just to let you all know what was happening any why we had to do it in the first place 🙂.

The summer season is just around the corner, and as every year, we're now seeing an increase in the number of active users and pageloads on BraceletBook. Which is awesome 🎉, but it also means our server has to work harder to make all of our content available for you in a reasonable amount of time 🙂. It was already starting to struggle a bit this weekend, serving the site a tiny bit slower than it should, and so we decided to upgrade it to be prepared for the summer season ahead of time! 😎 It now has twice as much CPU cores and twice as much RAM, which should be more than enough to handle the increased workload.

Thank you everyone for your patience during the upgrade, have a lot of fun during the holidays and don't forget to contribute to our wonderful community! 😇