Hey everyone! 👋 Some of you might have noticed and some of you might not, so I wanted to share this info with all of you so that you know what was happening 🙂. We had to do a pretty extensive data migration on our server. Some of the files needed to be migrated to a different storage device to keep our backups solution working. There's almost 15 million files on the server, which is a huge number and our current backup solution was starting to struggle. This migration was also needed to ensure we'll still have enough storage space on the server in the future. To make it possible, we had to put the server into maintenance mode for almost 1.5 hours.

So you don't have to be worried 😊. It was a planned downtime and everything went according to plan. The server is now up and running and everything looks great! I'm still monitoring all of our services to make sure we're good, so please let me know in case you see anything that would look like an issue. Even if you feel like the site is being slower than before for example.

It was quite a huge undertaking and took me a few weeks to find the right solution, make sure that it will work, prepare for the whole process and then finally perform the migration. But it really needed to be done at some point 😇.

Thanks for reading and as always, happy tying everyone! ❤️