Up until now, we were allowing swear words on BraceletBook in some very specific cases, for example direct quotes from movies or tv shows. This raised a lot of questions and concerns from our users over the last few years, and so we've been also thinking about it a lot with our moderators. We started these discussions mainly because of some patterns we already had in our database. We required making it obvious, that such a pattern uses a direct quote by putting "movie" / "tv show" along with the specific name of that movie / tv show in the keywords, but a lot of times this was missed by our users, which caused a lot of misunderstandings. And we totally understand that some of our patterns might've been upsetting without the prior knowledge of the quotes.

As you already know, keeping a positive and welcoming vibe is one of our top priorities, and so we decided that the use of swear words doesn't bring any meaningful value to BraceletBook and should be prohibited. This will also help us making all of our services suitable for all the members of our community, and our review guidelines yet a bit less subjective.

We've already updated our review guidelines, and will be removing all such patterns from our database. If you find any pattern we missed, please let me or one of our moderators know! There's only a few of such patterns, but with 100k patterns in our database, we definitely might miss some of them.

Thank you everyone for understanding, and please make sure to backup any patterns matching these criteria, because they will soon be removed.

And as always, thanks for reading the update and happy tying! ๐Ÿ˜‡โค๏ธ