Hey everyone! 🙂 Our moderators have reported an issue regarding inaccurate colour warnings in the generators to me yesterday 🙁. Sometimes it was enough to just change the order of 'colors used', and the generator was confused about it and showed different warnings about colours. I found the root cause of the issue today, and it's fixed now. Along the way I also replaced the colour delta algorithm we were using for a lot better one, making the detection a lot more precise! 🙂

The second change that was needed was increasing the minimum keywords a pattern can have. Our moderators were asking you to post patterns with at least 4 keywords for quite a long time now, but it wasn't enforced by our generators. The required number of keywords is now 5 instead of 2, and if you'd like to make your patterns even easier to find for other users, feel free to enter as many keywords as you'd like 🙂.

I really hope you'll like both of these new updates. It might sometimes be hard to find appropriate keywords for your patterns, but trust me, the better the keywords are, the more popular your pattern will be at the end, because a huge amount of our users is relying on the search feature when looking for patterns to tie 🙂.

Thank you for reading the blog post, and have a great day everyone! 🎉