Some (a pretty long) time ago, we made a decision to prefer photos that are rotated the same as their related patterns are. We were even declining some which weren't submitted that way. In one of the last blog posts, I mentioned we added a possibility for admins to rotate your photos in the admin section before approving them to the site. And that's when we started rotating them according to the patterns, but found out it's probably not the best idea. It doesn't add that much value to you, and some photos look really bad when rotated in another way than they were shot.

We were thinking a lot about that in the last few days, and made a decision that we will rotate your photos only if the orientation gets messed up somehow by the camera. So if we see the photo was meant to be shot horizontally, but is uploaded in a vertical orientation, we will rotate it, but that's it.

I really hope we made a good decision here, but if you would like to express an opinion, please send me a message. I will be really happy to hear it.

Thank you for being with us, and wish you happy knotting ๐Ÿ™‚. Have a nice day guys.