It took us a while to implement, as the standards are pretty new, and some of them don't yet have the specifications completed, but now you're able to subscribe to web push notifications on your Mac, PC, and android devices ๐Ÿ˜.

Previously, this functionality was only available to our users who use the iOS application, and it was pretty popular. Currently, we have more than 20k users subscribed to receive iOS push notifications.
It works on all popular browsers including Safari (OSX only), Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and also the latest version of Edge (Internet Explorer).
We recommend you all to enable push notifications if you don't want to miss events happening on BraceletBook. You don't have to be worried that we will spam you with unwanted notifications, as we only send messages related to your user accounts, e.g. when someone comments a pattern you added, or mentions you in the chat, forum, send you a message, etc. You will never receive a notification not related to your user account.

If you'd like to enable this functionality, all you have to do is logging in to the site using a web push notifications enabled browser. After login, you will instantly be prompted to enable push notifications. If you already denied those permissions in the past, you can change your decision in the settings of your web browser.
When you receive a notification on one of your devices, you can click on it to open up the related section of BraceletBook, and react to it instantly.
It's also really easy to disable when enabled it if you don't like it.

As of now, it looks like web push notifications will be pretty popular, which we're really happy to see ๐ŸŽ‰ . The feature has been deployed only for a few hours, and we already have a lot of subscribers.

Hope I wrote about everything that is important, but don't hesitate to write me a message if you have any questions ๐Ÿ™‚.